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Option Trading for Beginners to Pros

This Manual is not designed to be another book that you don’t use and don’t understand. This program has been designed so you can benefit from it quickly. You will start out learning from the manual and videos. This will give you the foundation you will need to become a profitable trader.

WARNING: This manual and these videos are not intended to be a novelty. The idea is to help you learn options faster and easier than ever. The ideas that can make you money or protect your assets can be easily found in the manual, easy for you to learn and most importantly, easy for you to use. The learning of options can be so easy if it is taught the right way.

This manual is not a slick book with fluff being used to fill up pages just to sell books. Before you know it, with the manual as your reference guide, you can learn to maximize your earnings potential and at the same time reduce the downside of your risk by using options. The manual will show you how to make money in an up market or down market or even a flat market.

This is a reference manual that is designed to teach you how to go to the right strategy to use in certain scenarios. It is set up to tell you when and how to use a particular strategy, when not to use it, and what could be the gains or consequences of using the various strategies. These professional options strategies are explained and demonstrated in a simplified way that most can comprehend. You also get e-mail support to help answer questions that you may have about the manual.

In this reference manual you will find: how to build your own business using options, the easy plans needed to get started, why you should trade options and not something else, safety, expense of options, how to buy stock at a discount, sell stock at a premium, how to day trade options, the risk entailed, how to hedge, the mental factors, charts, stock and options comparisons, money management, risk control, how to define risk, what are option chains, other indicators and so much more.

Most importantly you will learn professional Directional and Non-directional strategies and more.

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