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Mike Daskaluk was born and raised in Philadelphia before he joined the U. S. Marine Corps. He worked as a stock broker for a couple of years and learned the insides of the trading and brokerage business. He has been a professional pilot most of his life and flew for the airlines as well as a chief pilot of a large corporate jet flight department. He left the flight department a decade ago and he currently lives in Las Vegas where he has been a full time options trader.

His manual ‘Trading Options for Beginners to Pros’ has been well received around the world. The manual is a must for anyone with any investments in the stock market. He has lectured in Europe as well as many cities in the U.S. He has taught thousands of people around the world about options and has made options trading as simple as it gets. The manual reviews how impressively well his live trading room did on a daily trading basis from one of his strategies from the manual. These strategies are taught in the manual. Whether you have an IRA or you are actively managing your investments, this manual is a must have. It is also an excellent reference guide to use to protect your investments and to limit your risk while you enhance your returns in as little as minutes per week. The manual will teach anyone how not to ever be at the mercy of another stock market crash again.

The author also has written an action packed novel where some of the situations in this novel are based on his life experiences. He has incorporated real life scenarios from his flying days to the time in the brokerage business as well as to his travels around the world. He can be reached at www.amozartmind.com or www.mplayoptions.com though he cannot make any comment on the contest to maintain its integrity and its fairness. Everything necessary concerning the contest can be found within this book. Official rules can be viewed at www.amozartmnd.com.

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