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... for the $10,000 USD Treasure Hunt

Official Rules

... for the $10,000 USD Treasure Hunt


CONTEST SPONSOR: Contest/Treasure Hunt is sponsored by Starburst Assets, Inc. (“Sponsor”) 9850 S. Maryland Pkwy Ste. 5401 Las Vegas, NV. 89183.

ELIGIBILITY: No employee or their family members associated with the Sponsor or any of its vendors shall be eligible to win any money. Anyone in any state, region or country anywhere in the world where it is not prohibited by law is free to enter and play.

HOW TO WIN: Only the correct winning entry shall receive any response from Sponsor. Only the first person to properly submit the correctly decoded secret message shall win the money. The winning entry shall also demonstrate which process and procedures they used to decode the secret message. There are no limits on the number of entries. All information necessary to submit the winning entry is within the book “A Mozart Mind.”

LEGAL: By entering you agree to abide by all the rules herein. All decisions and determinations made by Sponsor shall be final. Entries are Void where prohibited by law. Sponsor shall not be liable for any misunderstandings, human or technical problems that may arise with any entry. Breaking any law to win will disqualify the entry. The book has been structured in such a way that breaking any law will not provide any advantage.

Successful winner must provide appropriate identification and allow the use of their name and address. This information will be posted on the website as winner for all to see. There can be only one winner of the money. In the event of a team play, only one person will be recognized as the winner by Sponsor. Sponsor will not be liable to any other parties. It will be up to the team members themselves to regulate any further distributions. Winner shall be solely responsible for any and all taxes associated from winning the money.

ENTRY PERIOD: The contest shall run until December 31, 2018. If the money is not won by the end of 2018 the money will be donated to popular charities. The treasure hunt will officially end on that date.

FORCE MAJEURE: Sponsor reserves the right to modify, cancel or void this contest or any rule in the event of a force majeure or any unforeseen issues that may arise. Any act such as but not limited to any acts of god or government or other circumstances which would prevent the contest from going forward under normal conditions.

Treasure Hunt / Contest info

Do you like puzzles, mysteries, passwords, connections, riddles, patterns, codes then you are at the right place. Put your teams together and start the Treasure Hunt. Just like in the many most popular movies where the characters decode/decipher and follow clues to find the treasure, there is a secret code imbedded in the body of the book “A Mozart Mind.”

Within the story of “A Mozart Mind”, there is a secret coded message and now you are the treasure hunter. It is up to you or your team to use your skills to find the clues and decode them into the correct secret message. If you are the first one to correctly submit the answer, then you will win the treasure. All others will have the satisfaction of knowing you also would have met the challenge and could have won.

There are many false clues as well. Do not get side tracked on dead ends. It is up to you or your team to meet the challenge to be the first one to correctly submit the decoded message found in the story. Remember many words may have numerous meanings. Some words and terms have industry specific meanings and may require some research for some. Check the lexicon for other meaningful meanings. No more and no less should be properly submitted to win the Treasure.

Only a completely correct entry will receive any response. There will be no suggestions of how close any one entry is or not to the correct winning entry. To prevent any electronic tampering or gaming, the winning entry is not stored electronically anywhere.

Sign up and check on often for updates to the contest. Everything necessary to properly decode and submit a winning entry is within the body of the book. No additional outside tools are necessary but may be of some help. Team members with different ways of looking at things can also be of help. Do not wait and miss out on being the first one to solve the solution. The secret code has been carefully and meticulously structured within the pages of the book “A Mozart Mind.” See your local library today and get started on the fun now. You do not have a day to waste.

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